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At DigiMaster our reputation precedes us.  We are known for our skills, capabilities and delivery of accurate, timely and professional service.  We provide the New Zealand legal industry with an opportunity to outsource their legal administration and support services to a resource that grows to meet their needs.

We provide the services of transcriptions of interviews and arbitrations, PA duties (Litigation, Commercial and Private Client), Legal Executive drafting, trust accounting and litigation support.

We are a team that works together as self employed contractors, with the focus of delivering the best possible service to our clients – being law firms and barrister sole.  Some clients may use part of what we offer, others utilise the whole suite.   


We have a unique and carefully created and nurtured culture, where we all work together behind the scenes to meet the client’s needs.  At the same time we understand that through supporting and helping one another today, this help and support will be returned to us when we need it most.  At DigiMaster we understand that life happens and being able to work virtually behind the scenes means that we can provide a seamless service for the clients.


Why be self-employed? Because it enables you to manage your workflows while still meeting your own and your family’s needs.   I do not believe that anyone needs to ask me for permission to take leave or attend a family event, I consider as long as the client’s needs are met, how you manage your time is up to you.  We all respect each other and do not leave each other high and dry.  


We work across all sorts of systems including but not limited to:  ActionStep, Affinity, iManage, Infinity, OneLaw, Big Hand, Olympus, PhillipsSpeechLive, Microsoft 365 suite, OneDrive, DropBox, AdobePro, BundlePro, Litera (PDF Docs), LawFlow and Xero to name a few and we are always learning more.  You will need to have a good understanding of technology, be adaptable and willing to learn in this fast paced and ever changing environment we work in.  As we often move between clients in any one day, that can mean moving systems also.  We complete our clients’ work their way in their style and brand.  

You will be an expert in your field with a minimum of 10 years continuous NZ legal firm experience.  You will be well respected for, and love what you do, along with a team and service mentality.



No current vacancies at this time

Thank you for your applications and interest to work with DigiMaster, Applications are now closed and interviews have been conducted.  A bigger team is on its way to continue to support the legal industry of New Zealand.  


From the team:

“To contract out my skills and work from home is both liberating and life balancing. I know the Firms we contract to gain the benefit of my well-being by receiving precise, accurate and completed suites of documents in all areas of the law.”
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